The Young Scholarship

The Young Scholarship is awarded to a limited number of students that demonstrate artistic ability, hard work ethic, and drive in achieving their goals in their artistic discipline.  This merit based scholarship is awarded to provide dance instruction sponsorship and is at the sole discretion of the instructor.  Students considered are typically 10+ years old.

*Scholarship students regularly attend private and/or group ballet, dance and/or stretch classes and are sponsored for a portion of their lessons/classes.

This scholarship was founded in memory of Young In Lee.

2020 Winter Scholarship Recipient

Previous Scholarship Recipients

Sophie Y.

Vita S.

Alice Z.

Artistry for the Athlete

​Jenie Lau

2019 Summer Scholarship Recipient

Ella H.

2020 Season Scholarship Recipient 

2019 Fall Scholarship Recipients 

2020 Spring Scholarship Recipient 

Jessie L.

Mia T.

Samantha C. - Spring 2019

Ana Lucia C. - Winter 2019

​​Alice Z. - Competition Season 2018

Mia T. - Spring, Summer, Fall 2017; Winter 2018

Carla Y. - Winter 2017

Ruwa M. - Fall 2016; Winter, Spring, Summer 2017

Nathalia O. - Fall 2016; Winter, Spring, Summer 2017; Winter 2018

Ruslana Z. - Spring 2016