​Jenie Lau

 Stretch Groups

 Ballet/Dance Groups

G1 Ballet: 2021

​​​​​​​​Private Lessons 2021 - 2022

Limited # of private lesson slots available for figure skaters (FULL; waitlist available).

Biweekly Lessons: Qualifying Competition Level (Juvenile FS+) & High Test (if space available).

75 - 90 mins: Intermediate FS+

60 mins: Juvenile FS and below, High Test

*Weekly Lessons are designated for select students only.

Personalized instruction of dance skills relevant to figure skater's technical and artistic needs.  Classical ballet, dance, flexibility, artistry/performance, etc.   Attendance policy and dress code required.

Rates upon request.

Artistry for the Athlete

G1 Dance: 2021

Group Classes 2021 - 2022

Sept 2021 - June 2022
​Issaquah: Sundays

Group 1 Ballet/Dance, 8 - 8:55am (Juvenile FS+)
Group Stretch, 9 - 9:55am (Select)
Group 2 Ballet/Dance, 10:10 - 11:05am (Open Level)
Group Stretch, 11:10am - 12:05pm (Open Level)

Ballet/Dance technique and choreography rotates biweekly.  Emphasis on posture, movement quality, expression, musicality, etc.   Stretch band, ankle weights and yoga mat/blocks required for stretch class.  Developing full body flexibility, alignment, strength, etc.   Dress code and attendance policy.  

Rates: $21 per class; $40 for Ballet/Dance & Stretch classes